We provide all-embracing care to adults with intellectual disabilities in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Under the Home & Community-Based Services Medicaid waiver, our group of dedicated professionals and persons with disabilities is committed to growing together in a community that cares.

We are currently accepting referrals for our Supported Living Program.


A Life Worth Living

InDev believes in the importance of developing friendships, providing opportunities to give back through volunteer work, celebrating holidays and milestones, employment, learning new things, connecting to natural supports, and church and community group membership. We work with each person we serve to choose personal life goals that lead to a fulfilling life.

Management Philosophy

At InDev, we treat people as we want to be treated and as we would want our own loved ones treated. We believe in centralized management – we don’t place administrative duties on staff persons that could interfere with providing direct support. We have management team members to handle key functions like medical appointments, medication procurement, financial management, and training. We use technology to allow management team members to direct services and keep close tabs on people and staff. We offer accessibility – people and staff are in regular contact with upper management. Not only do they visit our office regularly, but management members are out in the field visiting and meeting up with people and staff. 

The person served always comes first. Ultimately, we will be judged by the quality of service we offer and by the support our persons served receive. We will passionately provide the highest level of service available.


Each year, provider agencies are reviewed by the TN Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disability Quality Assurance review team, and the scores are posted on their website. InDev is one of only a handful of agencies in Memphis to earn the highest rating, or "Exceptional Performance", in both 2015 and 2016. When the Court Monitor was active in West Tennessee, InDev earned a place in the "Quality Tier" during every review. Other tools used include annual satisfaction surveys for families, conservators, and persons served, and annual quality improvement plans. InDev also utilizes a conflict resolution system, provides on-going staff training, and relies upon an electronic record system. This system allows staff to share information across shifts, for management to share information with staff, and allows management to get real-time updates of progress and concerns.


InDev provides transparency in all aspects of our program so you get timely and accurate information about what is important to you. You will receive monthly bank statements if InDev provides representative payee services. All receipts are maintained for all purchases and can be reviewed at the InDev office during normal business hours. We encourage family and friends to visit anytime. Independent service providers (BA, PT, OT, ISC) are invited to drop by unannounced. Our policies and actions are overseen by a local advisory board of respected professionals. The people we serve provide feedback on new staff persons prior to their first day of work so that we can tailor staff to the needs and desires of each person. The GPS vehicle tracking systems in our cars allow us to let you know where anyone we serve is at any time.


You can depend on InDev for timely reporting of any significant achievements or unusual events. Our computerized record system allows management a real-time look at what’s going on in a person’s life, with an alert system to immediately notify management of concerns, illnesses, and challenging behaviors. InDev management has an open door policy for family, conservators, and persons served to share any concerns. InDev is a locally based company, so all employees are right here in Memphis.