Who qualifies for InDev's program?

Individuals with an intellectual disability, who are enrolled in the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver Services (HCBS) and need supported living services are eligible for InDev's program.

Where are the homes located?

InDev currently serves individuals in homes and apartments in East Memphis, Cordova, and on the Memphis/Bartlett border. Individuals and their families/conservators choose living arrangements and locations based on the individual's budget and preferences. InDev will find suitable housing wherever you need it.

Does everyone have a housemate? How do I find one?

Most individuals live with one housemate. You may choose to have two housemates to better share expenses. You choose who you live with. We will introduce you to people who might be compatible housemates. Once you select a housemate, you don’t have to spend all your time together. We have an active community of individuals who welcome newcomers.  Supported Living allows for no more than 3 people to live in one home or apartment. You can change housemates if things don’t work out. Expenses are divided among housemates. 

How Does indev hire staff?

Staff are interviewed twice by different managers and asked a series of questions about their skills and work experience. They are also asked how they would respond to situations they might encounter on the job. All potential staff persons receive the following – criminal background check, sex offender registry check, TN abuse registry check, DIDD abuse and neglect registry check, and a verification of a valid driver’s license. Additionally, potential staff persons take a drug test and a TB test. Applicants who meet our hiring requirements are invited to complete a week-long training course prior to beginning their job responsibilities.

What training do newly hired staff receive?

New staff persons receive DIDD’s required online training and certification in CPR and First Aid. We far exceed Tennessee’s training requirements and also require the following trainings: Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), Rights & Privacy, Mental Health Needs, Agency Policies & Expectations, When to Seek Medical Attention, Common Medical Supports, Meal Time Management, Positive Interactions, Planning Enriching Activities, and training on InDev’s computer system. Once this is completed, each new staff person receives training specific to the needs of the person they will be supporting, which includes spending time shadowing and getting to know the person.

What ongoing training do staff receive?

All staff persons receive annual training on Rights, Privacy, Universal Precautions, Title VI (Civil Rights), and HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Staff persons also receive training at least annually, and whenever there is a change on an individual’s medical needs, diet, behavior support plan, or therapy plans.

How does indev supervise staff?

A lead staff person is assigned to each home to oversee day-to-day activities and needs. Field Directors visit individuals in their homes and in the community daily to ensure they are receiving the support they need. Our online documentation system and GPS tracking in all vehicles allows management to have real-time information about everyone’s daily activities.

How does indev manage a person’s money?

We can serve as an individual’s Representative Payee, which allows us to manage and budget his/her Social Security Income. This income is used to pay monthly bills, including rent, utilities, and any personal needs. Receipts are reviewed for all purchases and bank accounts are reconciled monthly. Bank statements are mailed/emailed to families/conservators monthly to provide a detailed accounting of funds spent.

What activities do people do during the day?

Each person’s program is unique and built around his/her needs and desires. For example, a person might exercise, study reading and writing skills, shop for grocery/household items, learn to budget his/her money, participate in Special Olympics, attend Bible Study, volunteer, work in supported employment, develop job readiness skills, practice preparing meals, learn about healthy eating, go to the library, and increase his/her independent living skills through personal hygiene and household tasks.

What do people do for fun?

People at InDev engage in a wide variety of activities, either alone or with friends. Some popular activities include: bowling, seeing movies, playing basketball at a community center, attending special events such as a sports game, festival, or concert, having their hair and nails done, playing miniature golf, meeting up with a friend for coffee, attending weekly dances, visiting Shelby Farms and other parks, walking on the Greenline, celebrating holidays, attending a cookout or birthday party, exploring a museum, visiting the zoo, attending a concert or play, or even taking a vacation.

What if someone wants to work?

We have staff persons trained as job coaches to provide supported employment. We will help individuals and their conservators through the process of applying and receiving services with Memphis’ Vocational Rehabilitation office to help with job placement. We can also help with job readiness training, assist with resumes and applications, and help a person determine the type of job he/she might enjoy.

Can family and friends come to visit?

Yes, you are welcome to visit anytime, with or without calling first. We ask you to be respectful of the needs and preferences of the housemate(s).